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Patterns of Physical Transformation - Londen   (Gecertificeerd PPT practioner)

PPT seminars are designed as an addition to and an extension of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP)  for profound healing abilities anyone can learn more easily, making the seemingly complex, simple.

PPT is also valuable training if you are an already existing health practitioner, body worker or energy worker and want to add some new and highly effective methods to your skill base. Start achieving the phenomenal physical success made possible with PPT and discover how to produce some astonishing results of your own!

  • Program your body for greater health and  faster healing
  • Discover how to evoke far stronger sensory states.
  • Massively increase your own comfort, pleasure and energy.
  • Design new trance inductions for health and healing.
  • Develop sensory acuity so your precision becomes remarkable.
  • Elicit new ‘submodalities’ and develop and intensify anchors.

Ron and Edie Perry

Ron PerryEdie Perry

Dr. Perry’s work, PPT, integrates and expands upon his work NLP and the Body work of Moshe Feldenkrais and takes them further than most people imagine possible.This new body of work is revolutionizing physical healing and what we know about creating stronger more coordinated, healthier and happier physical bodies.

Anybody that is interested in increasing health, happiness and vitality in both their own and others bodies will gain immensely from this high result producing and very exciting work. PPT is training in its own right.



meer informatie op: www.patternsofphysicaltransformation.com